Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

The startup chess game

I told a friend about and within a handful of short texts he:

  • asked very specific questions
  • ridiculed some of the implications
  • criticized my current solutions
  • finally pointed me back to the
    drawing board

In short he recognized all the difficulties ink and I will face over the next months and presented them without a filter.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that he himself has worked on a few projects and has built muscle memory for finding pain points between users and the product.

Many would argue this might validate his concerns, but nevertheless describe the delivery as harsh, conceited or unnecessarily blunt.

Well… it’s not. It’s actionable and practical.

A good sparring partner will not be afraid to ask the tough questions — after all the real world will only be tougher.

They will also not see the need to wrap all statements in polite fluff — after all they are a friend and it should be viewed through that lens.

At this point it’s a chess game -
if “user” to “task to do”
then “platform” to “one click magic”.

By the end one or both are wiser,
The key is finding a good opponent.