FDA approval and partnerships for Musk’s Regretamine.

Elon Musk who is the co-founder of Neurallink a company creating “high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces” announced on Twitter the release of a new drug called “Regretamine”. This would indicate that Musk is very confident about an FDA approval, and given Musk’s impressive track record with Tesla and SpaceX we won’t start to doubt him now. Drugs with the ending “-mine” are usually reserved for Antidepressants which is befitting it’s claim of reducing the feelings of regrets — which is a common reason for mental health issues.

One of the most popular antidepressant medications Citalopram is produced under the brand name Abbot-Citalopram by Abbott Laboratories $ABT. The company states “At Abbott, we help people live fully with our life-changing technology.” and their mission consists of the following : “and bring you information, medicines and breakthroughs to manage your health.

If the need would arise for Neurallink and Elon Musk to need a partner for the production it would be plausible for Elon Musk to envision Abbot Labs to produce and distribute Regretamine. Which would certainly make the already steadily growing $ABT Stock even more valuable in the long term. The company has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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